Essex Ferret Welfare Society

Good Ferrets Needing Good Homes
Unfortunately at the Essex Ferret Welfare Society we always have many ferrets in need of a good home. Every week we get new ferrets arriving some have been abandoned, some neglected and some are just found roaming loose with no means of identification. Ferrets (especially unneutered males which are instinct driven to find a mate) are very prone to escaping and wandering off. We as a matter of course microchip all ferrets that come to us to help with this problem.

We welcome people visiting us to see what ferrets we have available we do our best to match the right ferrets to the right person. Generally we recommend ferrets are homed as a group of two or more but sometimes we do have ferrets that due to previous trauma with other ferrets that would be best homed on their own. Sometimes we have ferrets that are related or have formed a strong friendship which we try and keep together ultimately we try and make sure they all get on with each other (and you).

All our ferrets we rehome are neutered, vet checked and microchipped. We do ask for a donation to cover this cost.

If you think you could give one or more of our ferrets a good home please get in touch to arrange a visit. We are here to help and will give you all the advice and support you need.

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