Essex Ferret Welfare Society
We are based in Ongar Essex. We welcome people to come and see the ferrets looking for long term homes. Please call us first though to make sure it is a suitable time, and to get directions.

By far the best way to contact is by phone
Our number is 01277 364115. If we aren’t in please feel free to leave a message.

You can contact us by email using the form to the right.

To support our aims we attend many country and craft fairs in our area where many people are amazed just how affectionate and friendly ferrets are. In the future we hope to list them here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Wendy &: Alan Brett

Spotted a ferret outdoors on it's own? Ferrets do not exist in the wild. A lone ferret is always lost and needs your help – they need to be caught, contained in a suitable secure container such as a cat basket, given water and food (cat food would do for a while), It is worth having it checked for a microchip at a local vet and passed to a rescue centre like ours.
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