Essex Ferret Welfare Society

Working Ferrets
As distasteful as though it may be to some people, using ferrets is arguably the best way to reduce a rabbit population. Here at the Essex Ferret Welfare Society we believe that working ferrets this way, if done correctly, can be beneficial to the ferrets, giving them a source of exercise, entertainment not to mention an excellent source of food.

Rabbits breed, well, like rabbits and wild population can cause great problems to farmers. Alternative methods of population control such as gassing etc. can be indescriminate and less effective. Contrary to what people believe, it is not the ferret that usually kills the rabbits their job is to flush them out of their warrens where they are usually caught by nets at all the entrances. The ferret handler then quickly dispatches them as humanely this results in free-range meat for the handler (and ferrets).

As part of commitment to inform we try and educate interested people in working their ferrets we can arrange practical demonstrations. Ferreting is usually done in late autumn and winter and should never be done without the permission of the landowner. We believe that the ferrets and the rabbits welfare is paramount when working them and that people need to understand what they are doing.

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